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A Galveston and Texas Gulf Coast Sailboat Charter

Birding Tours

Galveston is a prime birding hotspot in North America.  Bird enthusiasts are marveled by the 250-260 bird species observed in Galveston yearly.  Offatts Bayou and Redfish Island are two locations popular for birdwatching.

By design, Redfish Island has a  1.4 acre Birding Habitat that attracts barren ground nesters such as  least terns, black skimmers, gull-billed terns, Forster's tern, sandwich tern and royal terns thus  providing prime opportunity for shore bird watching.

      Common Loon                                     Forster's Tern                                      Black Skimmer

Offatts Bayou not only provides a fantastic view of Moody Gardens but it is also  a birding hotspot for Pacific and Common Loons, Grebes, White and Brown Pelicans, and diving ducks.

Redfish Island                Offatts Bayou/Moody Gardens


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